Safety Cell Phone Charger (Coming Soon!)

Safety Cell Phone Charger

Leading Innovations is excited to announce their upcoming product, the Safety Cell Phone Charger. This is a patented cell phone charger invented by none other than Fahad Mohammad Alammari, the founder & CEO of Leading Innovations Trading.

The Safety Cell Phone Charger was designed out of a desire to help others. This charger helps in three main ways, we call it, the three S’s, which stand for Save, Save, Safety. It saves you money, it saves you’re battery life, and it is safer than the average cell phone charger.

Here’s How it Works

When you charger your cell phone with a normal charger, you are losing money and battery life, as keeping the phone plugged in not only racks up the electricity bill, but it drains the life from the battery. Many people also go to bed with their cell phones plugged in, which runs electricity all night and poses a risk for a fire. With the Safety Cell Phone Charger, all of these problems are solved.

This charger actually detects when the battery is full. Once the phone battery is 100% charged, the prongs actually retract themselves from the outlet, breaking off any electrical current going from the outlet to the phone. That’s why it saves on money, battery life, and promotes a safe environment.

See how it works in this video:

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