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PS2 I/O Converter

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Description: Cytron Technologies has design hardware and firmware to offer a compact and reliable Joystick Converter for user. It offers a low cost yet useful Sony PS2 converter.  Reading Joy-stick button’s state will be as easy as 1, 2, 3. It comes with a standard Joy-stick socket for standard (Sony PS2) joy-stick to plug-in. It becomes simple and fast in using joy-stick since the output of each button will be converted into output on PSC28A.
* PSC28A does not come with PS2 controller, please purchase separately from here


•    7V-15V powered, low current consumption, less than 300mA (at 12V supply).
•    1 standard PS2 controller socket.
•    Every button will be represented with 1 output pin.
•    Vibrator motor is controllable.
•    Fully compatible with wired or wireless PS2 controller.
•    Joy-stick will only operate in analog mode.
•    Indicator for each output.
•    4 PWM output to represent the analog.

PSC28A comes with:

•    1 x PSC28A board with all components is soldered properly.
•    1 x 2510-02 female connector
•    1 x 16 pin header
•    1 x 18 pin header
•    2 x  2510 iron pin

Dimension: 11.7cm x 9.2cm

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