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G15 Driver

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*Starting from 12th Aug 2014, GD02 is in Revision 2.0. Please refer to the latest User’s Manual. G15 Driver (GD02) is used to drive G15 Cube Servo. It is a Full to Half Duplex C…


G15 Driver (GD02) is used to drive G15 Cube Servo. It is a Full to Half Duplex Communication Converter board. It converts UART full duplex communication to half-duplex single line communication which is required by G15 Cube Servo. GD02 has two ports for the Cube Servo. G15 Cube servo is a serial controlled servo motor which can be daisy chained.  G02 has a separated port connector for motor’s power supply. GD02 offers simple and easy way to user to control G15 Cube Servo with UART communication from any microcontroller board for example Cytron’s SKPIC32, SK40C, SK28A, SK18B and Arduino’s Main Board.
  • UART Voltage: 3.3V or 5V
  • Motor Voltage: 7-15VDC
  • Maximum Continuous Current: 8A
G15 driver comes with:   
  • 2 x G15 Cube Servo ports (can be daisy chained to more servos)
  • External power terminal for Cube Servo.
  • 2 LEDs as logic power and servo power indicators.
  • 3.3V and 5V signals compatible.
Improvements in Rev2.0:
  • Polarity protection for power input to Cube Servo.
  • Additional DC jack socket for Vin, using DC adapter will be easier.
  • Compatible UART signal port with UC00A. Control from computer will be easier.
  • Optional slide switch to select the logic for UART flow control, making it compatible with Arduino G15 shield library.
  • For full details, please check the User’s Manual for GD02 Rev2.0.
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