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Saudi Entrepreneur Partners with Malaysian Tech Company

June, 2017

Technology has fascinated Fahad Alammari since he was a young boy. Now he’s taking his dreams and turning them into reality. He’s doing that by building his own dynamic tech company “Leading Innovations” with fellow like-minded entrepreneurs and investors. He’s also tapping into the Asian technology market and forming new partnerships with one  Malaysia’s leading tech company – Cytron Technologies.

Speaking to Arabia Now from his office in Dammam, Fahad  said, his “Safety Charge” for mobile phones invention is being developed with Malaysian expertise because,”I’ve learned that everyone is sourcing everyone around the world. They speak English fluently, and  they have good manufacturing qualities. The Malaysians also have a good relationship with Saudi Arabia in case of business spamming.”

As founder and CEO of “Leading Innovations,” Mr Alammari and his team of engineers and designers are working tirelessly on the production of their invention. They hope it will be the safest cell phone charger on the market, by disconnecting completely from the electricity socket.

Fahad believes there is a great need for a product like “Safety Charge,” for three reasons: Safety, saving battery life and saving money.  He points to the fact that the daily time period which his product connected to the electricity is much lower than any cell phone charger currently on the market. Additionally, the main challenge for charging a battery for a mobile phone is heat, so  the  “Safety Charge” invention will reduce the electrons motion into the phone.

Explaining his vision for a safer way to charge an item which has become a  critical way for all of us to conduct our lives, Mr Alammari told Arabia Now, “This means that the friction time made by the atoms will be less, due to the smart mechanism of retracting the prongs the moment your cell phone is fully charged, and yes the cell phone charger will be just like a decoration in the socket with no electricity current at all.  My product will completely disconnect from the electricity current the moment your cell phone is fully charged. It’s like you hire someone to unplug your phone when it’s fully charged.”

All of these advancements have been made in coordination with the team in Kuala Lumper. As a result,
“Leading Innovations” has  became an official distributor for one of the biggest companies in Malaysia –  Cytron Technologies. – who are known for their robotics, robotics spare parts, and inventors kits.

Taking a leaf out of the book of well known Silicon Valley companies like Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter,  Leading Innovations has made a happy work environment a key component to the work they do. CEO Mr Alammari told Arabia Now, “I have created a WhatsApp group for all my employees and ask them to send only positive pics or videos everyday to spread the positivity among them so they can feel connected to my goals and vision in my company”

In a continuation of that vision, and like any savvy entrepreneur, Fahad is using the power of social media to promote his invention, telling Arabia Now, “I am now promoting it on Twitter to advertise and introduce my product to people until I get it approved, then I will expand my marketing channels. I am very pleased to say that I have received hundreds of re-tweets and requests to where they can find the products or when the product will be ready in the market. I hope I will have it ready for sale in the Saudi Market by January 2018.” It seems like sales are guaranteed and consumers will be waiting.

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Saudi Entrepreneur Patents Safe Mobile Charger

Saudi Entrepreneur Fahad Alammri from Dammam who’s patented a safe mobile charger

Cellphones have become something none of us can live without. Yet it seems we never have enough battery life in our cellphones, and we spend as much time trying to keep them plugged in as we do using them. Many people don’t realize that keeping our phones charging over night can be dangerous, and uses a lot of energy. That’s why a savvy Saudi entrepreneur – Fahad Mohammed Alammari decided to do something about it. He’s just registered a patent for a safer cellphone charger.

Speaking to Arabia Now from Damman, 34-year-old Fahad said, “I came up with the idea after my wife starting having a problem with her iPhone and asked me many times to buy a new battery while I was busy with school. So I sat down and tried to evaluate the problem of her phone battery. That’s when I realized that we needed a mechanism in a charger to unplug itself mechanically from the socket. That’s now become my patent.”

Fahad was studying Mechanical Engineering at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island at the time he came up with the idea. He also received two other patents which are under development. One is a swimming pool safety apparatus, and the other is a roof top snow removing apparatus. He told Arabia Now, “Being in the United States did support me to get  access to everything related to inventions. The positivity and vibes and support from the people in the US for innovations is what makes America a great environment for inventors.”

Now living back in Saudi Arabia, Fahad has started his own company – Leading Innovations – which specializes in electronic manufacturing services, and also helps other entrepreneurs with preparation and filing of patent applications. Leading Innovations works in cooperation with a law firm in the United States which has over 25 years of experience in the patent field, and a history of helping Saudi students studying in the United States register patents. Speaking about his company he said, “I want to be able to provide integrated services and provide strategic support for innovators, inventors and others to convert their ideas into products.”

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As many consumers know, when you keep charging your cellphone when its already fully charged, a phone can suffer from “trickle charge,” which means its wearing down hardware within the phone and can lead to lasting damage. It also uses more electricity than it needs to.

Explaining how his invention works, Fahad told Arabia Now, “Look at it like this. It is like you have two cups of water one has a wire of electricity and one hasn’t, which one you will touch? With my invention, once your phone is fully charged, it will ‘unplug’ itself by the charger automatically turn itself off, and you won’t have any energy coming in.”

The units are currently being produced by a manufacturing company in Malaysia, and will then be fully tested for safe use before being sold to the general public. With the recent release of IPhone 7, and a demand for cellphones at an all time high, this invention is something we can all welcome. As Fahad told Arabia Now, “When I got the patent I felt so good about myself and the way I see things and my solutions.” As consumers, we do too.

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While grieving the loss of his best friend’s 5-year-old brother, who had drowned in a swimming pool, the last puzzle piece of an invention idea he had toiled over tirelessly finally clicked for Fahad Al-Ammari ’14: He realized that the swimming safety apparatus he envisioned wasn’t suitable for a vast ocean shoreline – but it would perfectly fit the confines of a pool. Reconfiguring his concept, Al-Ammari – a Saudi Arabia native majoring in engineering at Roger Williams via his country’s King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program – designed a device that raises a rubber platform from the pool’s floor to lift a distressed person out of the water, manually or automatically via sensors that detect a thrashing human. His aptly named “Swimming Pool Safety Device” became the first of four inventions he’s submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office – all of which are under review. Tragedy served as the catalyst of his first idea, and Al-Ammari’s inventions have one thing in common – safety.
His “Roof Saver” lets homeowners operate a track-driven rooftop plow, of sorts, to remove snow from the security of the ground. A new spin on a cell phone charger perfectly times a battery charge and discharges from the outlet to prevent overcharging and overheating, which could lead to a fire. And there’s Al-Ammari’s favorite – an emergency landing system that catches a commercial airliner in the event of landing-gear malfunction, much like the tailhook system employed on military aircraft carriers.
 “I have a passion for trying to help people,” says Al-Ammari, who sketches visions for his gadgets in a notebook, whether he’s sipping a latte at a local coffee shop or sitting on the University’s library steps. “The way I think is: ‘How am I going to improve this problem or fix this problem so no one gets hurt?’” His talent for tinkering began as a child when he’d disassemble remote control cars with a screwdriver and piece them back together. It’s a fix-it passion still alive, evidenced recently by a soldering iron burn on an index finger from repairing stereo speakers. “I have something inside me that knows I can be an engineer – that I can create something from nothing,” he says. Once he completes his degree this fall, Al-Ammari hopes to bring his passion and knowledge home to the Middle East where he wants to improve systems for procuring oil that enhance – you guessed it – human and environmental safety.
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Safety Cell Phone Charger (Coming Soon!)

Safety Cell Phone Charger

Leading Innovations is excited to announce their upcoming product, the Safety Cell Phone Charger. This is a patented cell phone charger invented by none other than Fahad Mohammad Alammari, the founder & CEO of Leading Innovations Trading.

The Safety Cell Phone Charger was designed out of a desire to help others. This charger helps in three main ways, we call it, the three S’s, which stand for Save, Save, Safety. It saves you money, it saves you’re battery life, and it is safer than the average cell phone charger.

Here’s How it Works

When you charger your cell phone with a normal charger, you are losing money and battery life, as keeping the phone plugged in not only racks up the electricity bill, but it drains the life from the battery. Many people also go to bed with their cell phones plugged in, which runs electricity all night and poses a risk for a fire. With the Safety Cell Phone Charger, all of these problems are solved.

This charger actually detects when the battery is full. Once the phone battery is 100% charged, the prongs actually retract themselves from the outlet, breaking off any electrical current going from the outlet to the phone. That’s why it saves on money, battery life, and promotes a safe environment.

See how it works in this video:

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